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Fifth Class

Course Description & Price : IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Administration and Tuning - $2,800.00(USD)

•Identify and solve basic performance related problems.
•Identify potential performance problems areas in the Sterling B2B Integrator architecture.
•Explain the procedure to install Sterling B2B Integrator on Windows Clustered Environment.
•Manage Sterling B2B Integrator permissions, user accounts, and groups.
•Describe the purpose of the Dashboard panes and portals and configure the Dashboard.
•Explain the concepts, design methods, issues, best practices and guidelines to create and implement the business processes.
•Describe Mailbox Management in Sterling B2B Integrator.
•Explain different performance issues and identify its sources.
•Use the Performance Tuning Utility to test a system and to adjust performance parameters to increase performance.
•Elaborate the procedure to manually modify properties to increase performance.
•Explain the procedure to capture and analyze Performance Statistics Report and define the steps to configure thread dumps.
•Use the Sterling B2B Integrator Troubleshooter utility to troubleshoot and analyze problems.
•Use monitoring and diagnostic tools to monitor system status and identify errors on a server.
•Use services to maintain clean up the Sterling B2B Integrator system.
•Explain the usage of schedules in Sterling B2B Integrator.
•Describe some of the scripts and files in the bin directory.


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